Why ShotPut?

ShotPut is an app designed for diabetics who require daily insulin injections. Its purpose is to show the location for the next injection. Your physician or diabetes management professional probably has told you to change the location of each injection, to keep the location of sequential injections at least 2″ apart, and to never inject in your navel. If you have difficulty remembering where you did your last injection, this app is for you.

If a single location or area is used repeatedly, the skin surface can become bruised or sore, and fat can build up under the skin. Over time, either of these can inhibit the absorption of the insulin. For more information, check these references:

Rotating Insulin Injection Sites

Where Can I Find New Injection Sites

Getting Started

The first time you open ShotPut, select an Image and a Pattern using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The Image shows the abdominal area on a number of different body types. Select one that you like. The Pattern has numbered circles showing locations for injections. It is superimposed on the Image you selected and is centered on the navel.  The numbers indicate the sequence of the injection locations in the selected Pattern. The location for your expected injection is highlighted in Violet. You may change the Image or the Pattern or injection location at will.

Locking the Image and Pattern

Once chosen, the selected Image and Pattern can be locked using the switch in Setup. Locking the options removes their respective buttons from the main ShotPut screen. Unlock the switch to restore access. Locking avoids inadvertent changes to your selections.


When you open the application, look for the Violet circle. Find that spot on your torso

Med man - Purple 3 - Happy

Before a ShotPut

and perform your injection there. Think of the Image as a mirror image of your torso, with the Pattern placed over it.

The locations shown in the Pattern are an approximation of the actual locations on your body. Please adjust accordingly.



Touch the Violet location, it will turn Yellow, a timestamp will be recorded, and the


After a Shotput

next location in the Pattern will turn Violet. The Yellow location is now a reminder that you did, in fact, update the location, and the Violet location is for your next injection. In addition: you will hear a chime sound, see a Sleeping Face, and see a text message offering you the opportunity to change the expected ShotPut location. See Sounds, Faces, and Messages.  If you take more than one injection at a time (e.g. a long acting insulin, and a short acting one), touch sequential locations to keep track. That’s it! You have completed a ShotPut.

ShotPut Timestamp History

When you touch any location in a Pattern other than the Violet one, the most recent timestamp for that location is displayed in the message area, and the border of that location turns to a Red Ring to show it is active. The timestamps for all the locations in your Pattern are saved until you use a location again.

Checking History

Checking History

The Red Ring Warning

But the Red Ring has another meaning. It is a warning that you have set a trigger to change the location of your next expected injection. If you touch the location with the Red Ring again, that location will turn Yellow, a new Timestamp will be recorded, and the next location in the Pattern will turn Violet, just as described above. You have now changed the next expected injection to this location.

But if you touch any location, other than the one with the Red Ring or the Purple one, you will see the timestamp for that location, and that location will have a Red Ring. No timestamps will change. You can go back to a prior location for another look at its timestamp. No timestamps will change; no new injection location will be set. Only when you touch the location with the Red Ring a second time will the trigger spring and the new injection location be set.


When to choose a new Injection location

You don’t have to follow the sequence in your Pattern. If for any reason you don’t want to use the Purple location (e.g. you may have done several injections without using the app and you want to catch up, or the specified location may be sore), just touch the location you did use – twice.

Rotating the Image

You can rotate the image in the main screen in order to stretch it. This will make it easier to touch a specific button on smaller screens.



Setup allows you to control the features you want to use in ShotPut. Setup is independent of you SmartPhone Settings app.


The ShotPut app has a provision to specify an optional Schedule for your injections. This feature can Notify you when an injection is imminent, and informs you as you use ShotPut whether you are within a reasonable Interval of the expected Time for your injection. It can be used as a handy reference to check the Time for your next injection. The Schedule feature is independent of the ShotPut location tracking and does not affect the injection location.

To add or modify a Schedule, touch the Setup button. A Time/Interval matrix will appear with the Time slots set to Disabled or your current Schedule. Click on a Time slot. Using the Time Spinner, enter the desired Time for an injection. Then touch the Set button.


Now touch the corresponding Interval slot, and choose the number of minutes (+- 10 to 120) around the desired Time for your injection. Again touch Set. This is your choice of what is a reasonable interval around the Time in which to perform your injection. You can specify up to 5 Times and corresponding Intervals.


A Time + – its Interval cannot span midnight, or overlap another Time +- its Interval.

Touch <Back to return to the main ShotPut view. When you change an existing schedule, a message will inform you:

First ShotPut since Schedule change. Your next ShotPut is expected on Day at Time.


Sounds, Faces, and Messages

ShotPut provides audible and visual cues to guide your interaction with the app.

When you open the app, the cues vary depending on the current time (Now) and the Schedule you have specified.

If Now is within the Interval around an injection Time:

  • you will hear a rising tone,
  • you will see a Happy Face, and
  • you will see the message:
  • (First time since schedule change.)
  • OK for Current ShotPut at HH:MM AM/PM.

If Now is not within any Interval around an injection Time:

  • you will hear a descending tone,
  • you will see a Sad Face, and
  • you will see one of the following messages:
  • (First time since schedule change.)
  • Your next scheduled ShotPut is (day) at HH:MM AM/PM, or
  • It’s too early for your next ShotPut at HH:MM AM/PM.
  • (NN ShotPuts were omitted.)

After you touch the location for your current injection:

  • you will hear a chime tone,
  • you will see a Sleeping Face,
  • the location will turn Yellow,
  • the next location will turn Violet, and you will see either:
  • ShotPut accepted, or
  • Your next shot is expected (day) at HH:MM AM/PM.

The following is appended to every message:

  • Touch correct location for ShotPut or Exit.

Other Setup options 


When you set an expected Time in a Schedule, Notifications will be enabled. If you don’t want Notifications in support of a Schedule, turn OFF the Notify switch.

When Now is Time minus its Interval for an injection, and you are not using your device, an Alert will be sent to the IOS Notification Center. Otherwise the Alert will appear in the current application.

The Notification is presented at Interval minutes before the scheduled Time to give you an advanced reminder that your injection is soon due.

To control how Notifications are handled in your device, go to IOS Settings>Notifications. Configure the switches to your liking. Then select ShotPut from the list of apps to be included and adjust those parameters.


If you don’t want to hear the Sounds, turn OFF the Sounds switch.

If you don’t want Vibrate with your sounds, turn OFF both Vibrate switches in IOS Settings>Sounds.

Lock Options

If you want to prevent inadvertent changes to your Image and Pattern selections, turn ON the Lock Options switch. Turn the switch OFF to restore the options.



When you touch the Help button, you will be directed to the support website (www.MyShotPut.com). You will be presented with the latest version of this User Guide.

At MyShotPut.com, you can access and comment on the User Feedback page. To request specific help, email: