Hi, I’m the Carl Of CarlMitchell Partners who brought you ShotPut. I am a Type 1 diabetic who injects insulin 4 or 5 times daily. I found that I was having difficulty remembering where I did my last shot when it was time to do my next one. I needed a method to help me remember.

For a while, I used a printed spreadsheet matrix labeled with the locations I would use for a month. I would check a box for each shot. It worked reliably, but after a week or so of use laying about on the dining counter it would get pretty messy – stained with food droppings, wet rings from a wine glass, wrinkles, and generally not nice to look at while eating.

I thought:
“There must be a better way. Perhaps there is an app for that.”

A quick look at the Apple App Store showed that indeed there was no such thing. A flash went off:
“I know how fix that, I thought.”

So I called my good friend Mitchell, a software developer and coder extraordinaire. I explained my idea, and some initial thoughts of how the app might work. Torrents of features were examined. We settled on the basic features for the first release – body images, patterns of locations on the abdomen, and an optional reminder schedule. We kept the expanded list of features for inclusion in future releases.

Now it is your turn. We want you to try ShotPut. We hope it is a helpful tool in managing your daily grind of dealing with diabetes. Tell us what you like, don’t like, and what you need to make ShotPut more helpful. You can post your responses on this blog, or on our Facebook page. Search for ShotPut.

You can download ShotPut to your IOS device using the Link to ShotPut in the main menu above.